An association for children,
teenagers and young adults in Ghana

Hope goes
into the future

Enidaso e. V.

Our association enables children, adolescents and young adults to lead dignified lives, gives them perspectives and sees education as the key to an independent future. Our help is sustainable and direct.

“Enidaso” means “hope” in Twi (Ghanaian language) and we would like to give this hope back to the children and young people involved in Ghana with your support, because hope goes into the future and the children and young people are the future of the country.


Children in Ghana

The focus of our work lies in the education of children and young people in Ghana. The association will prevent children and young people from being excluded from education, from living on the streets and/or from selling themselves to other people. They will live in safety, carefree and age-appropriate conditions and will be provided with sufficient food. The association will show them perspectives for their lives and enable an independent future for the children and young people. Help is a help for self-help.

It is our great concern to give (again) hope to the people. Hope gives people strength, lets them go on and look positively into the future.
Participation is an essential feature of our work. We work with local people at eye level. They are the experts of their world. We treat them with respect and appreciation and develop personal and individual support together. We see this approach as a great opportunity to get into conversation and learn from each other.

Our Vision

Hope goes into the future

We live in a time where injustice in the world is a central issue. We are convinced that each of us is called upon to take responsibility for a fairer world. We want to set a good example with our association and motivate people to join us. Out of this vision, we show solidarity, take responsibility in the world and engage socially.