👋 We are Enidaso e.V.

In December 2018, we founded the non-profit association Enidaso e.V. in Hannover. Since then, we have been pursuing the goal of improving the living situation of children, teenagers, and young adults in Ghana through education. Following the method of helping them to help themselves, we want to enable them to shape their lives in a self-reliant and self-determined way. With the help of our sponsorship program, we enable them to attend school and gain access to medical care. In addition, we support individual schools with modernization and renovation work to improve the general learning conditions at Ghanaian schools.

🌠 Our Vision

Everyone has the right to education.

(Art. 26, United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Dec. 10, 1948)

Although formulated as a human right as early as in 1948, education is still a privilege in most countries for those who can afford it – this also includes Ghana. However, the way from the declaration of the right to the concrete implementation seems to be full of barriers. We as Enidaso e.V. do not want to wait for political solutions but want to enable children and young people in Ghana already today to access education. We want to support them to develop into self-determined and independent adults and thus strengthen not only their own future, but also that of their country. With our association work we want to give hope to the children or as they say in Ghana: Enidaso.

🛠️ Our current project

Sanitary facilities for three schools in Benim: After completing the IT center, we aim to provide sanitary facilities for nearly 1,000 students in Benim, constructing shared facilities for two schools and additional toilets, sinks, and a rainwater tank for the third school, with €5,000 needed to kickstart the project.

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❤️️ Donation opportunities

There are different ways to support us:

  • Become a single/permanent donor and support our projects once/regularly!
  • Take over a sponsorship and support a specific child/teenager!
  • Start your own fundraising campaign, for example at a birthday party!
  • Inform people in your environment about our association!
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