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You can support a child/teenager in Ghana through a sponsorship. The sponsorship contribution is 30,- € per month, and partial sponsorships can also be divided among friends/family members. All sponsors will be informed at least once a year about the development of the child. The sponsorship contract has no term and lasts as long as you wish or until your sponsored child or teenager no longer needs support.

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💌 Other ways to support us

Become a single or permanent donor and support our projects once or regularly! You determine the amount.
Start your own fundraising campaign, for example at a birthday party! We will gladly provide you with all needed information material.
Inform people in your environment about our association!

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🤝 Our promise

Our association members are volunteers and cover any advertising, administrative and transfer costs of the association through their membership fees. 100% of the donations are used for our projects in Ghana. We work independently from other organizations and directly with the local people. Through our regular stays in Ghana, but also in everyday life, we maintain close contact with all project participants. Participation and transparency are essential characteristics of our work. The people in Ghana are the experts of their living environment - together we work on the vision of better educational opportunities for the children and teenagers in Ghana. Doing so, we are always learning from and with each other. We focus on providing sustainable aid. At regular intervals, we draw the balance of the development of our association and rank the adherence to and implementation of our goals higher than the general growth of the association.

Hope goes into
the future.

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