Our school projects

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Sanitary facilities at the Happy Home International School / today Young Elite School

At the end of 2020, we were looking for a new challenge and launched a fundraising campaign for our first school project. After interviewing several schools, we chose the Happy Home International School in Nyanyano. Here, the 200 students had only two wooden huts without any connection to the sewage system – clearly an unsustainable situation. Thanks to numerous donations, we reached our donation goal of 1,500€ within only one month. At the beginning of 2021, three toilet huts with running water were built and thus the hygienic conditions at the Happy Home International School improved significantly.

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School desks and blackboards for Franklyn Memorial School

During our first fundraising campaign for the Happy Home International School, we received so many donations that we were able to implement a second school project without another campaign and thus could also support the Franklyn Memorial. There, children, and teenagers sometimes had to sit with four people together on a single bench and notes were written on the wall in a way that was difficult to read. In April 2021, we were able to sponsor three blackboards and 50 school desks to the school in Nyanyano and thus improve the quality of teaching.

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New classrooms for the Sea Breeze School

After the successful construction of the sanitary facilities for the Happy Home International School, we started another project in the same year with a donation target of 3000€. This time we wanted to support the Sea Breeze School in Nyanyano. With the help of the donations, the roofs of three very small and dark classrooms were raised so that more light could enter the rooms and the air could circulate better. In addition, the walls were plastered, everything was painted in friendlier colours and the classrooms were equipped with new blackboards and ceiling fans. After reaching the donation goal, we travelled to Ghana in fall 2021 and personally accompanied the implementation of the project.

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Computer Lab in Benin

After the three school projects in Nyanyano, we wanted to focus on a new village: Benim, the home village of our project partner Pastor Oduro. In the local school, IT classes are a big part of the curriculum. However, the classes are held theoretically on blackboards due to lacking the necessary equipment. Thanks to generous donations in 2022, we were able to renovate a vacant room in the school into a computer room (i.e., dust-free floor, lockable windows, and a secure door). The next step is to build chairs and tables and purchase the computers.

Our sponsorship project

In January 2020, we launched our sponsorship project to be able to provide children and teenagers with targeted and reliable support. In addition to the school fees, we finance all other costs related to the school, such as school materials, food, and medical care. Also, the students receive a small amount of pocket money at the beginning of each school term, so that they can look after themselves and learn how to handle money. We put emphasis on receiving every single child in our project with their own wishes, fears, and thoughts to offer them individual support. Additionally, to the financial support, we accompany them personally on their way to adulthood and stand by them as a reliable constant. To meet this demand, we have limited the sponsorship project to 25 children/teenagers. The sponsorship by our association ends with the achievement of an educational or professional degree. The young adults have the opportunity to become our project partners themselves. It is our wish that one day a big “circle” will be created and former sponsored children will support us in the work of our association.

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