🌱 How it all began

In 2012, Carina decided to go to Ghana for four months after graduating from high school to volunteer at an orphanage. Since then, Ghana has become a big part of her life: The people and the country fascinated her so much that she travelled to Ghana - whenever her studies and later her work would allow it.
When the orphanage was closed in 2015 due to insufficient standards, many of the children and teenagers were left to fight for themselves. During this time, Carina began to regularly collect donations in her circle of family and friends to enable the affected children and teenagers to attend school. In the next few years, the first projects followed, for example a socio-educational photo project and the construction of a small house for a homeless family, which to this day show the writing “donated by Carina and friends”.
At the end of 2018, she gathered her courage and laid the foundation for our association. Together with the association members in Germany and with the support of the project partners in Ghana, our association Enidaso e.V. was founded. Since then, we have been working together to realize our vision: Better educational opportunities for children and teenagers in Ghana.

Statute of Enidaso e. V. as PDF

This is us

Profile of Carina Wille

Carina Wille

Profile of Pastor Peter Kwaku Oduro

Pastor Peter Kwaku Oduro

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Lars Jacobsen

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Doreen Baguhl

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John Eduafo

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Jan Mark Lingthaler

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Sophie Lorson

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Yaw Anim Ako

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Nadja Kolbe

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Niklas Flint

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Chris Maehl

🇬🇭 Facts about Ghana

  • Ghana is located in West Africa on the Gulf of Guinea, which is part of the Atlantic Ocean. The capital and largest city of Ghana is Accra with over two million inhabitants.
  • The official language is English, but about 75 other languages and dialects are spoken in Ghana. In our project regions, Twi (t'shui) is spoken predominantly.
  • The education system in Ghana is divided into four levels: Kindergarten (0.3 - 6 years), Primary School (6-12 years), Lower Secondary (Junior High School, 12-15 years), Upper Secondary (Senior High School, 15-19 years).
  • Most people in Ghana are named after the day they were born, in addition to a European/religious first name.
  • The Graduation from senior high school qualifies students to attend university and is associated with high costs (school and examination fees, uniforms, teaching materials, transportation and often boarding costs).
  • Due to poverty in the country, 26% of all 5-17 year olds in Ghana are working.
  • The Volta Reservoir at Akosombo Dam is the largest man-made reservoir in the world and provides most of Ghana's electricity. However, as the country's demand for electricity has grown rapidly in recent years, shorter power outages occur regularly.
  • Ghana became the first West African colony to gain independence from Great Britain on March 6, 1957.
  • Health care varies widely across the country and is much better in urban areas than in rural areas. Since the return of democracy in 1992, the health care system has improved. Today, there are health cards that function much like a health insurance and allow people to receive medical treatment more cheaply.
  • Ghana's national dish is fufu, a solid cassava or yam porridge that is pounded for a long time in a mortar and served with various fish or meat soups.

📚 Facts about us

  • We founded ourselves in Hanover, but we live all over Germany. Besides Hanover we live in Hamburg, Munich, Dresden, near Cologne and all over the world as digital nomads.
  • Our board was in Ghana for the first time in 2012 and just 19 years old at that time.
  • Our project partner Pastor Oduro has some cocoa plants with his family, so we were already allowed to learn a lot about cocoa farming.
  • In 2018 we started our association work and initially supported nine children and teenagers in Ghana.
  • The name Enidaso means hope in the Ghanaian language Twi and stands for the hope, for a self-determined future, which we want to give to the children.
  • We believe that the most delicious vanilla ice cream in the world is made in Ghana!
  • Seven out of eight of our founding members are friends from school and graduated high school together.
  • We operate in over five locations in Ghana: Agona Swedru, Senya Beraku, Nyanyano, Krokrobite, Benin and Koforidua.
  • In Ghana there are postcards from our association - maybe one day one of them will reach you too!
  • During our stays in Ghana we like to eat Redred: fried plantains with black-eyed beans and a delicious tomato and onion sauce.
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